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Willy Sparrow was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a family of musicians, and started to play the guitar at the age of five. At twenty he recorded his first album with The Magic Band, at I.O.N records.

Since arriving in Europe, in the late 80's he performed a lot of fusion and modern-jazz (among other styles) in Madrid, Barcelona, not to mention his participation in various festivals: Gent, Oostende, Brussel, Lyon, Ferrara, Ravenna, Sta. Sofia, Glastonbury, etc. 

In Amsterdam (home base) he played at the Bimhuis, Milky Way multicultural centrum, Paradiso and  Ruigoord. Also made a couple of programs for Marra TV and the Kunst channel. 
At the same time he produces music of his own and for other artists, using computer devices and Midi systems at his home studio. 
At present he is gigging around, (also in the virtual worlds Second Life, Open Life,Street Jelly, nexXtLife, OS grid, etc. ) performing material from his latest CD "The signs are everywhere" in which he introduces his Midi guitar playing and multilayered system, where different instruments can be recorded in real time from scratch and played at the same time on the principal of accumulating musical phrases in a loop station device. 
A new approach to the "One man band"concept.

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